Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

A surreal experience - visiting the "best sauna in Afghanistan"

This note is, as you might notice, in english. I haven´t written it for a long time, so please be patient :-)
I have to write it in this language due to the fact that my new finish friends have to understand it too.

"Jannen" is the name of the guy who built the sauna

Last night, I had a quite surreal experience in Camp Spann. A finish comrade from the OMLT invited me to visit their sauna (it was ladies night that time, if that question occured...) First of all, I was laughing out loud, but he was serious. Those finns are really a strange nation, putting a sauna to a country, where temperatures are rising up to 50 ° C and more in summer... But he insisted and so I went there. And what can I say: It was really great, they have everything there, showers, fridges, paper towels, a washing machine, chilled drinks. You can´t believe, you´re in the desert in same kind of war when you´re there.

Every finish soldier has its own wardrobe inside the sauna, and  you´re only allowed to go there, when you have an invitation.

What I didn´t know then: The thermometer in the sauna has a link to their computer, so can check the hottest temperature I had during my stay. Absolutely crazy, I know, but now I´m the proud owner of a orginall finish sauna diploma, made in the afghan desert. Where one giant afghan familiy has as much water in one week like I was spending during my sauna visit. How can you handle that? I don´t know.

My sauna diploma...

But, after all: Thank you Ilkka for your very kind invitation, I really appriciate your great hospitality. I wish all the best to you, and who knows, perhaps sometimes, we´ll meet again in Finland. But than I bring my husband with me, who gets you a lot of fish from the river :-) See you!

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  1. Julia,
    unsere Finnen bei EUPOL Camp Marmal haben auch eine Sauna !! Du bist eingeladen.....Gruß Gunnar